Our Approach

High quality video is important but it’s about what happens before you shoot and edit that makes the difference.

Our approach to creating content Includes three factors:

Audience - who will be watching?

Story - how are you adding value?

Logistics - how will you capture that story?

We lend our years of experience for an effective production and an effective outcome.

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The heart of our mission

Video doesn’t only have to be about awareness. It can be used to add value through the entire marketing funnel and sales pipeline. 

Video to increase marketing results

If you’re trying to get the attention of new buyers, video for use in your paid media campaigns can drastically increase your conversion rates. What about nurturing those buyers until the timing is right for them to talk to a sales person? Video is one of the best ways to increase credibility and build trust around your area of expertise or the problems you solve. 

Video to increase sales results

Video can be used to support your sales team in all kinds of ways. Giving them a repository of videos explaining key aspects of your services, allows them to share those assets with their prospects along with their added thoughts. It’s proven that by adding video to your prospecting efforts increases conversions to new opportunities by 63% over just using written or phone.  

Video to increase customer retention and success

Once a person becomes a new customer, video can help you communicate clearly during onboarding, train them on how your product works for quicker upstart and give them valuable insights to help boost the performance of how they are using your product or service. The ways you can use video for improving customer success is only limited by your imagination.

Beyond the marketing funnel

Some popular ways our clients have used video is for client testimonials, corporate stories, leader bios, social media posts and employee or customer recognition.
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